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Daily Bulgarian life

Bulgarians value a neat, well-dressed appearance. Clothing is Western in style and European fashions are popular Skiing, soccer, and basketball are popular in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian soccer team became a source of national pride when they competed in the semi-final round of the 1994 World Cup; an international soccer tournament held every four yearsMany people also enjoy walking or touring the countryside. Bulgaria’s Black Sea beaches and large mountainous areas offer recreational opportunities. In August many Bulgarians go to the Black Sea beaches or the mountains. Bulgarians greatly enjoy folk dancing and music, and festivals held throughout the year highlight various aspects of traditional Bulgarian culture. In cities, the performing arts (ballet, opera, and classical music) have generally been well supported, and even small towns have a local theater. Other popular leisure activities include watching television and going to the cinema. Young people enjoy various types of popular music, including rock, disco, and folk.


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